Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diary of a foster dog

Hi, my name is Carly, well it is now. I was called Shortcake or Cupcake at times, but Carly is my new name and well I think I like it. I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and this is the start of my very own diary about a lonely little corgi girl looking for her forever home.

Let's talk about the past and get it out of the way. My foster mom, Cindy, says she really doesn't know about my beginning and would really like to know. She says she's figured out a few things but I'm not really in the mood to tell more, just yet. I came to live here because I was in a place called an animal shelter. My former owners surrendered me there along with my sister. She has already been adopted and found what they call her forever home. Unfortunately when I went to the vet to get spayed, they found a lump on my tummy and my supposed forever home didn't want to deal with what they called a defective dog. Defective my foot-I'm just as good as any other dog-that's what Foster Mom Cindy says and she's right! So a really good lady at the shelter called a rescue coordinator-Carla, called Cindy and told her my story. I put on my cute face, batted my eyes and crossed my corgi paws, hoping things would work out.

Seems the stars are aligning for me, again, that's what Foster Mom Cindy says. Something about knowing people in the right places, another angel(that's what I'm told rescue people are called) called Kim made a few calls, rattled a few cages and on Friday Carla picked me up and we took a car ride to meet my new foster mom. Seems in the meantime she's been making some calls on her own and I've been told that lots of angels are helping me out now. I get to go in for that darn spay operation, have my small tumor removed and they are going to check it all out to see if it's good or bad. FM Cindy told me that I'm supposed to say thank you to CorgiAid for helping out. THANK YOU!!!

So in the mean time, let's talk about foster homes. This one's way cool. All kinds of other dogs besides corgis-but these guys are weird, these corgis have tails and look like tigers with all their strips-what's up with that? There's some big nonhairy collies-they run really fast and I'm learning to play tag. Kind of funny, I'm not really sure about all this stuff they call play-never really done it before, but man is it fun. My first friend is a big guy called Moose. He's fun, he's goofy and he's very nice. He's been introducing me to the rest of the gang. Tango a pomeranian, she's majorly fluffy but don't try to use her as a squeaky toy-she'll take your face off!. Ace and Jazper the brussels griffons-way ugly. Their faces are all pushed in and Ace seriously needs a haircut. They bounce all over the place. Then there's the collies-Lace, Click and Turner. They are a family, it's so much fun to see what a real family is like. They all welcomed me in with open arms and asked me to join their's. Is that cool or what?

FM Cindy lets me out in the BIG back yard right next to a herd of ducks. Something about not quite trusting me in the HUGE yard out front as there are a few places that a naughty little corgi could get out of the fence at. Seems I heard some rucus about that yesterday and something called escaping and damn puppies. Who ever it was, boy were they in trouble! The ducks are kind of interesting. I don't bark at them like the other dogs but there's just something I know I'm supposed to do with them, but can't quite figure that out.

So today was bath day. That's just not my cup of tea. Though I did stay in the bathtub but every chance I got I shook all over FM Cindy. She giggled and I gave her kisses. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but then again, not ever having had a bath before, didn't know what to expect. She towel dried me off and I smelled clean, not oily or greasy from living in that animal shelter. Oh did I mention the food? Ummmmmmmmmm--I wasn't getting very much to eat at that other place but my bowl is always full and I have a huge bone to knaw on at night. I am a good girl though and let Cindy take the bowl and bone away from me-something about a test? But she gives it back so I forgave her.

Back to the bath. We went out to the garage where the big door was way open. The breeze was delightful. I got dried some more, shook some more and then combs, brushes and slickers were run through my coat. All the chunks of hair that were still in my coat were gone. Foster Mom Cindy says I look like a real princess now. Only thing I didn't like-this monster blue thing called a drier. She turned that evil thing on and I tried to book it into Tomorrow. She was nice and shut it off saying another day, so the fan was turned on while we finished the brushing.

I'm pretty good about things around here, but noises really scare me. I can't say why right now, again, FM Cindy says she has a pretty good idea of what my former life was like and says that I wasn't exposed to things like I should have been. But I am getting better, just gotta give me time to figure it out.

After the bath, this cute kid called Meredith, took me for a walk so FM Cindy could take pictures of me. She said she was taking them to show everyone the new and improved Carly and so that I could post them on the blog. I love the kid!! She's very gentle, let's me give her kisses and scratches me in the right places. Hum, hoping that maybe I can find my forever home and that there's a kid there too!

So that's the story, so far. My foster mom says that this her home just a short wayside for me. She's helping me find a forever home where I will have all the food I need, all the hugs(I like those) and won't ever have to worry about leaving it again. Again, something she calls angels and that mine will have to be very special angels as I am a very special dog. Well gotta go---Lace is knocking at the door asking me to come out and play some more.

Corgi kisses.


(Editor's note: Please check in for regular installments of Carly's diary. If you feel that you can be her special angel, drop us a comment and we'd love to share more about Carly with you and maybe you can help her find her forever home.)


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...


I am so glad you are settling in at Camp Cindy. You seem like such a sweet little girl. Let us know if you need anything except a forever home, as Kathy says we are at Corgi capacity for the the time being.


coopercreek said...

Great story! Best wishes on your forever home.

Duchess said...

Best of luck finding your forever home, Carly! You are indeed a very special girl and you have found the right FM "Angel" Cindy. I'm sure she will find the most fantastic home for you to live in where you will be treated just as you the princess you are! My folks adopted me, too, and now I AM the Queen! Since I am a Pemmie, too, you can be my princess. I have a younger Pemmie here, too, named Ransom. He is annoying, but he's only 7 months old. I think of him as more of the "jester". I also have 5 of those "tailed" Corgis here, of them, Bear, is a brother to those other 4 little puppies at your house. He is pretty annoying, too! But, we're family, so what are you gonna do but "rule the roost".

I'll keep my paws crossed that you find that special home. Until then, enjoy your stay at Camp Cindy's...we love it there! She's one of our favorite Aunts!