Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diary of a foster dog-the vet?

Well things are going well here at Camp Cindy. I've been told by the camp counselors(the hairless collies and Moose) that once I get settled in, things get even more fun around here. Hiking, hunting, barking games and the food is excellent. I can already say that the food is 100 % better then where I was at before. Foster Mom Cindy makes sure that my bowl is filled in the morning and at night. At night I get it "diva'd up" with all kinds of goodies. That's what Moose calls it, something he picked up when he went to the Gibson Ranch this summer for vacation. What ever it is, sure is yummy. FM Cindy is making sure that I gain some weight and have loads of energy to play.

Only issue I have is that on Monday, she said early dinner and not as much as usual. I didn't quite understand what she meant by that until Tuesday morning. After everyone was put in their places for the day, she got my leash on and said lets go for a drive. Now I'm all for a drive but this one ended up at the vet's office! No way, man, that was a trick. Sort of. Actually Doc Ross' place is kind of cool. There are three legged cats and vet techs that spoiled me-another diva moment. But FM Cindy handed over my leash to Tara and left me! How could she?? I got a scratch and a pat and "see you tomorrow". What?? Tomorrow??? I felt like I was abandoned, again. I know FM Cindy was not happy either because she saw me want to go with her, but it was for my own good she said. Doc Ross was going to spay me and remove that ugly little tumor that turned most people off when they met me. Now you can't see my tumor, but you can feel it on my tummy.

Okay, so I get dumped at Doc's! I went back to the kennel area with the girls and pouted. Then Tara came to get me so that I could have my surgery. A couple shots, some blood work and boy did I get tired fast. Nap time went way too quickly and when I woke up, I was shaved-the humility of that, had stitches and staples in my tummy and just wanted to sleep more. I guess while I was napping, they also did my nails-I don't make noise when I walk now. I also got microchip so that if I ever get lost again, then they can find my owners. What else, oh, I got to see the dentist too-well Tara was the dentist of the day and now I have clean teeth. Wow, its almost like I went to a spa instead of the dr's! Unfortunately, I had to spend Tuesday night in the kennel at Doc's and well, that wasn't fun at all. Noisy dogs - don't they get that it's night and you are supposed to sleep.

I managed to suck up to Heather, Tara and Doc some-they let me come up and stay with them in the office on Wednesday morning. I was starting to wonder if FM Cindy had forgot about me, but nope! She came in the afternoon and boy was it a relief to see her again. But man was I tired after all stuff they did to me. FM Cindy took me home, it's nice to say that word. We had a long talk on the way home about things. Doc said she thinks my tumor is a good one if there are good ones. Benign or something like that, just means that she thinks it won't come back. Such a relief, but we have to wait for the official results. That also means that I can start looking for a forever home. I really like Camp Cindy but it's not permanent though I am welcome to stay as long as I need too. I can't wait for a home to call all my own, but maybe sharing it with another dog would be okay too. All I am looking for is a cozy lap to sit on and take long naps.

Upon arrival home, I got to go in the HUGE front yard. Some muttering on FM Cindy's part about me being too tired and too sore(yes I am sore too) to get in too much trouble. Instead, I followed her inside where those darn puppies were barking their fool heads off. So out the door they went to bark at the horses, while I just hung out inside. Out came the food and ummm, a big ol'bone to chew on. I gladly accepted the offer to crash in my crate after eating my dinner.

This morning, do I feel better or what???!!!! Good dinner, nice rest and I'm raring to go again. That is if those damn puppies would put a cork in it. Do they not understand what quiet is? Goodness. FM Cindy said that today is the start of brand new part of my life, where I get to start learning things-like how to sit, down and stay,but she is happy that I like to walk on a lead and don't pull. I also get to go herding when my stitches are out!!! Wee haa, that sounds like fun and I guess Moose gets to come along with me. I kind of have a crush on him ;0) I also am going to get more of the run of the house as long as I ask to go outside and do my business there. Oh and I met the evil twins-Moose was right, they are evil, but FM Cindy told them to back off and leave me alone. Grump old girls, heehee, Moose said he likes to pick on them then act all innocent. Funny guy.

So that's where we are today. Waiting for the test results, learning new things and totally getting into this whole camp thing. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings as things are getting better and brighter!

Corgi Kisses,

(Editor's note: we are waiting for the results on the small mammary gland tumor that was removed. All indications are that it's not malignant but have to wait till the official biopsy report is in. After the results are in, Carly will be looking for a forever home where she can be spoiled into super diva status-she deserves it as she is really the sweetest dog around.)


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Carly Corgi,

I am so glad to hear about your speedy recovery, and that you are enjoying your diva'd up chow. I think it is officially time for me to make a couple more phone calls.

Russ, Shaker and Music are all pulling for you to find a home to spoil you rotten. They want me to let you know that it is way fun being spoiled and pampered!


Cindy said...

Roll some heads, rattle some cages!!!

Sherilyn said...

Big hugs to you, Carly! So glad you're recovering nicely from your surgery, and keeping paws, fingers and toes crossed that the biopsy comes back as benign! We're rooting for you! Duchess sends her love!

Aunt Sherilyn (and unfortunately, at times, Grandma to those cute noisy puppies!)

Carly said...

Cute my foot-those darn things slimed me and then barked in my ear till I was deaf! What is it with you guys and puppies? Why can't they all be like Moose?

Tell Duchess HI and that things are certainly looking up, especially from where they were a week ago.

Corgi kisses to all!