Friday, August 1, 2008

Pupdate for August 1st

The kids are 8 weeks old now. Time sure flies. They will be leaving for their new homes in about 2 weeks. Well most of them that is. It's been so darn hot and humid that we let them out at night, then it's back inside after only 15-20 mins. Let's seem several found the wading pool last night and Dove is now in and out of it on a regular basis, as always following her best bud Eddie. Five of them figured out that they can crawl through the front pole gate and now it's time to get the diamond fence welded on those.

But tonight they were inside playing and playing. Got a few good pictures. Funny, the red boys tend to hang out together, while Harry is a little independant, but does tend to be with George alot. Dove wants to be with any one who will show her undivided attention-I swear she's a diva in the making. Bear and Shaker, well those are the trouble makers.

Later gators....

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Well just fantastic--another trouble maker! I just can't wait! Oh imagine the Cardi Corgi Capers I will have for the blog. hmmmmm maybe there is a book in the making. hmmmmm maybe I can make some money on these clowns!