Monday, June 16, 2008

High and dry

While we remain high and dry, the rest of Iowa seems to be walking around in their hip waders. It's unreal, or what was it that Scot said-surreal.

David and I spent the weekend at the Kirkwood Community College working with the displaced animals and shelter dogs. WOW--I was never so happy to go to my home and hug my herd. But it really made me feel good when owners were able to come and visit their animals, knowing when they left that they didn't have to worry about at least one thing. It was also very heartwarming to walk down the aisles, look in stalls and see volunteers sitting on the ground, hugging, petting and telling the pets that it would alright.

If I can get the network to move a little faster, I will post a few photos of the puppies-now a week old. We did head shots of them last night as they are hardwired for food, any time you touch them they immediately start rooting and grunting, looking for mom. All are doing well, gaining at least an ounce a day if not more and noses are all pigmenting well.

Later gators,

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