Sunday, May 18, 2008


Goodness, the sun is out, it's so bright you need sunglasses, then I realize it's freezing! Sharp wind from the north is putting a little chill in the air this weekend. So much for the t-shirt and shorts I started out with this morning. Back inside for jeans, sweatshirt and find my jacket. BRRRRR.

I am cold blooded, in the sense of not liking any sort of cold weather. My office mate Jeff and I are great paired together. He's the same way, so during the winter I have the space heater on under the desk, door closed and we get lots of visitors because they want to warm up, not really do any business. My perfect temperature is about 75 degrees, maybe a slight southernly breeze-slight. I also hate lots of wind. Messes with the contacts, my ears and allergies too much. Humiditiy, cool with that. Prefer it dry though. Easier to breath that way. So today when it's a predicted 72-75, I was in heaven, till I realized that I crawled out of bed to a little nip in the air. Yuck.

David got home yesterday and we went plant shopping. Oh my was I in heaven. Most of my pots are not filled, the pansies and violas are on the front border, the big pots are filled and moved to sunny locations. One more bed to weed and mulch. Some plants didn't make it the the spring, in particular hostas. Seems a few little puppies had their way with them late in the season and they just couldn't store up enough for spring. Now on the hunt for more hostas. Also looking for some nice climbing roses for the fence, then poppies for Meredith's garden, a new pink rose in the rose bed, dig up and find a new home(not sure where but maybe the ditch) for a busy little red rose that I got gifted with. Most plants I love but not the ones that totally don't do what you are told they will do. Picked up some hanging baskets for the post where Meredith will replant her morning glories again. Otherwise, that's about it. Mulch has been placed, need a little more. AND finally, the first mowing of the lawn for the year. What an undertaking for the day.

Still stuff to do. Two decks will be installed on the house this summer, the path will be limestoned, peonies will get their beds fixed and then the rest of the fence to put up before the Corgi Picnic in July.

Kids are having fun too. Seems I now have an aquatic park by the barn. New fishing net made the trip to the creek easier. Kids brought back lots of lepoard frog tadpoles. A few minnows, another sun fish, and lots and lots of crawfish. Oh forgot the bullheads. Goodness, what an undertaking that one is. See what else they get and hope I can keep Fred, Eddie and Moose out of it.

Well, I need to go find some gloves and warm my hands up before we head into town for a few last minute things.

Later gators....

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