Sunday, March 23, 2008

And a few more thoughts on the weather...

I hate going to the Dubuque Kennel Club show. It's crowded, the grooming is beyond tight and you are limited as to what and where you can go in the building. The floor formerly was these warped boards covering the ice ring floor but now it's nice concrete-slick, smooth, slippery concrete. That's not fun either. At least my guys like elevators so the eye clinic being upstairs wasn't too much of a hassle. Though I did hear a horror story about a dog that got attacked coming out of the elevator last year and now has issues leaving them, going in is fine.

Eye checks were perfect. 4 out of 4. Everyone of the kids was well behaved and it's one more thing done for the year. I think the interesting part was talking to the other people waiting as well as to Dr Betts. We got into a discussion with an other breeder about those borderline problems-where you can't determine if they were injuries or if they were congenital. I liked her answer though-don't risk it, eliminate those dogs from the gene pool, why chance it? It's a hard thing to do but it's the only right thing to do. Or is it? I guess you could test breed but then it's up to the breeder to keep a handle on all the other dogs and make sure to do complete health testing on all of those puppies to insure that you didn't pass that bad part on. Problem is, most breeders won't, so in that case the best thing is to either pet all those puppies out and alter the affect dog. That's a whole other ball of yarn for another post.

Anyway, we are squished in what seems to be the opponents locker room-small and dull. But man was it fun. We did enjoy our day-shopping at Bluff Street and able to walk there because the massive snow storm from Friday had gone further north then predicted. Rus, Sherilyn, Kim, Kathy, Connie, Laura, Mel, Cindy, Emily, and Meredith and I , oh forgot, Marla and Pongo the Puli and last but not least David. Yes David came to the show! Everyone was tickled and he had fun. It was nice to have him along. Didn't send him in the ring with anyone though he might have done better then we did. Another judge(thank goodness) and other dog show. Marg got presents from Boo, which I am actually enjoying listening to today - thanks Boo, not doing much for me but hoping it does something for Marg. We cheered for Christy and her lovely little crested, same for Picasso and Emily-both got group 4's. Then it was pack up and head home. Of course, on the way home-it snowed. Woke up this morning to a lovely white coating all over the ground. Gone already, so that must mean that Spring is winning it's long standing battle with Old Man Winter.

And the only reason that I went was to get tea. I was so out of tea and the only local place to get it from is up in Dubuque. Shameless plug but the Yorkshire Rose is the best little shop around. The tea we get is called Yorkshire Blend and believe it or not, is made to work best in hard water-which is what we have. I can tell the difference in the taste from the home brewed batch to the pot I put on at work. Not the same, still good but it's like an addiction here. Can't have tea with out a biscuit or two and I was set for the night. Took all my lovely new meds and slept like a baby. Doc's got me on 5 things now and the combo seems to be working. Finally a breath of fresh air.

So here's your picture for the day. I have dozens of african violets-they seem to thrive in this house. Plus the pots of wander jew-David's fault. Hoya's, ficus, an ancient squirrel's foot fern and rex begonia(that one needs a different perch) and the one on the left side is by far my favorite-the prayer plant. That one is about 12-15 years old. Recently repotted for the first time in about five years. I keep it trimmed back and it's blooming right now. Oh and the orchid is one I've had for a few years and is once again, lavishing us with a display. Wish it would bloom closer to July so Meredith could show it off at fair but oh well, it brightens the mood during the dark days of winter.

Later gators.....

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