Friday, February 29, 2008

A hint of spring

We are within 6 inches of the historical record for the Metro area in snowfall for a single season. That includes the 3 inches from last night. And that record would be 80 or so inches. Good laugh this morning when someone suggested that we just get it over and done with now-as in snow 6 inches, make the record and be done with winter all together. I'm all for that, now God did you hear the request?

By far this has been the weirdest winter. I remember the 78-79 storms, then the summer of 93 with the floods, then I think we had winter issues in 2003 too. Each generation has their memories-drifts, sun, rain, heat, cold. You name it, someone will have a weather comment-I remember when....

So this morning, getting ready to let dogs outside, I braced myself. You could hear the wind blowing, saw the wind spinner going gangbusters. But as I cracked open the doors, told the boys to get back and not rush the door, it was a warm breeze that greeted me. Talk about shock. I was ready for the dreaded wind chill blast that goes right to your core. Conversation around the kitchen at work commented about the same thing-you know you have had too much winter when you think balmy is temperatures in the teens, windchills are at zero and 1-3 inches is no big deal. I think it was an honest attempt by God to remind us that he hasn't forgotten about us and that spring it just around the corner.

In our lives we have lots of situations such as this. Lamenting about the past, becoming acustomed to the out of the norm and making it seem the norm. Did that make sense? Every now and then it's nice to know that change is coming, that the norm isn't the norm or that our seasonal progressions are still running along like clock work. We have to get a small wonderful reminder that indeed hope is not lost. Oh how did I enjoy that warm breeze. I could have spent the entire day outside with it like this.

Spring is a season of rebirth, growth and hope. I love spring, not the mud mind you but the weather, the joy you see on a face and the shedding of those heavy winter coats. Horses, dogs, ducks, they all shed their coats too ;0) That I am not as keen on but oh well. What that does though is give the local birds nice nesting materials. I enjoy digging my hands in the black earth of the garden, waking up the earth worms and telling them to get to work. The creek runs cold and fresh. The yard doesn't need mown every other day and the lilacs, oh the lilacs are blooming. My second favorite is the lily of the valley. Hidden deep in the grass, you can smell them before you see them. Sitting here I take a deep breath and remember the smell. Clean fresh spring.

Rebirth comes in many ways for us. Spring is a wonderful time to reopen a lost or forgotten part of our lives and give it a new start. Or to take a deep long look at our lives and opt for change. I tend to opt for change. I love Ash Wednesday and the exercise of writing down our prayer for change or what we want to fix in our lives. Having the knowledge of someone praying over it without really knowing what we want. Then burning those wishes on Good Friday, sending them to heaven. I feel fulfilled so to speak. I love lent too. I don't give up things as most people do but I find something that I want to make a good habit-writing a letter, saying thank you, walking a few miles a day(this weather has not helped that one become a good habit yet), or going out of my way to help a certain person or donating my time to a worthwhile organization. We make it as much about others as ourselves. Can't wait till Maundy Thursday and the play that the mens group does for the last supper, or the somber service for Good Friday, depicting Jesus' last moments.

But the best is for last-Easter Sunday. It's not about the candy, the toys, the basket. It's about that realization of change-that hint that God gives us of the glory yet to be. Ah for that warm breeze. Oh I can't wait for spring.......

later gators..........


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