Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gotta crush on him

For once, it's not snowing, blowing or acting just plain miserable outside. Gotta love it. I have piles of dogs on the floor surrounding my feet. Clairee's dreaming, you can tell by the heavy breathing, woofing and paw twitches. Eddie's groaning trying to find that perfect position laying right on top of my feet. And Max is gazing out the window at the ducks, who are just loving this almost 30 degree weather and seems they found a mud puddle too.

My mom and I get mistaken for sisters, alot. When growing up, we constantly did things together. My friends loved her even more when she took us to rock concerts. Yes that's right, my mother, brother, two or three friends and a whole lotta other crazied teenagers, crushed up against the stage screaming at the latest heartthrob to hit the area. Huey Lewis and Rick Springfield were just a couple that I can remember us going to. I got a chance to revisit that with her last night when we went to the Rick Springfield concert. She had been down to the event center with my dad for something else, saw that tickets were on sale and couldn't help herself. The cover of course is an early birthday present for me, but I knew she wanted to go even more then I did.

Sold out show, not too shabby and a much nicer environment then the 10,000 seat arena I first saw him at. Dad offered to drive us, underlying plot to go sit at the casino and play some cards while we shimmied, shook and screamed our heads off at a 58 yr old former rocker. I must say, he's not former anymore, but really hear and now in the present, hunky and totally still the reason I had a crush on him 25 years ago.

Remember those crushes? What ever era, we all had them. The movie star, the hot sports personality, rock star or singer. Dad still has the hots for Barbara Mandrell, Crystal Gayle and Reba McIntire. I had all of Rick Springfield's albums, Leif Garrett, Andy Gibb and who else? Oh Shaun Cassidy as a Hardy Boy, Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Mel Gidson as Mad Max . We dreamed of them taking us to the dance, driving into the sunset and generally for a small town Iowa girl, big city living and excitement. Still dream of that, especially when it's 30 below and 2 feet of snow on the ground, but for the most part, the life I live now is what I want and enjoy.

Still doesn't mean I can't have a small crush on a 6' 1" transplanted Aussie. BTW-the concert was awesome. David was alittle upset that I didn't take him but the strob lights would have knocked him out in 5 mins and Mom had the time of her life. He even came into the crowd for some fun. Tushie is still tight, body ripped and voice has not changed a bit. Oh and I got to touch him as he went by during his crowd session. Made sure he wouldn't fall on me while walking the rows of chairs to the stage-now couldn't let that happen, could we?

So with dogs at my feet, house to clean, and dinner to cook, I'm going to day dream a little longer, but this time it's wondering how good Rick is at vacuuming, mowing the lawn and doing my taxes. The realities of life.

Later gator....

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Anonymous said...

I totally loved Rick Springfield too! He was my first "real" rock show. Good for you (and your mom) for seeing him again!