Friday, February 8, 2008


As breeder, I have many goals. First and foremost is produce stable, healthy puppies that will make their new owners proud. I also seek to produce a dog that is a wonderful representation of the breed and furthers my program along. There are times that you do the best by the puppy and even though he's a wonderful struturally correct dog, you place him the environment that will help him grow, which might not be a show home.

Well, Russ is just one of those dogs. He's out of our 6 pack Alcohol litter. Wonderful puppy with a great body, but just so very underconfident. I knew he should be in the show ring but felt it in is best interest to go to a home where he could get the individual attention he needed to bloom. Along came Kim, Kathy, Nick and the fourlegged Sarah. Kim was looking for a companion and wanted to get in to therapy work, being her former life as a social worker. Russ would have gotten lost in the chaos of our house, so off he went to create his own. And that he did.

Fast forward a couple of months and an email from Kim. Photos attached and WOW-what a boy he's grown into. Kim, we need to talk. So that's how Russ' show career got it's start and now I have Kim hooked on the whole show thing. Of course we all agreed that when we felt he was either not liking it or wasn't doing well, we would retire the boy and he could go on with his original mission of service work. Not gonna happen any time soon. Seems we created a monster.

Fast forward to January and the first big show of the season in Des Moines. Kim and Russ have been taking classes-puppy obedience, conformation and a fun match or two. Thought about entering just one day to see what Russ thought, but figured, why not just do both. Enter Russ to the show grounds. Mr Underconfident wasn't too sure but heck his mom was along so it should be cool. First day, Meredith takes him in. We created a monster. One step in that show ring and he went all Mr Attitude. God help us all now. Still doesn't like the table but we can work with that. Win their class and now it's wrangle dogs so we can get Eddie in the ring and Albert next. Rus-the two legged one, takes Russ the four legged back in for Winner's Dog. Guess what, he likes to talk now too-tail up and wagging. Borzois start around the ring next to us-gotta bark at those big tall sheepy looking things. We are so in trouble. Eddie got the major but Russ took Best Puppy then went on to a Puppy Group 2. Russ learned that when he walks on to the show grounds, it's all about me.

Day 2-it only gets better. I get to take the brat in this time. He's all on his toes, look at me, hi mom, oh fuzz balls, must chase. And yes I proudly call him a brat. He spent the morning barking at everything in the building, we were hoping he was hoarse-no luck. Rus once again took him in for me. Guess what-he got a 4 pt major win!! We were all so happy, shocked and well down right proud. I took him back in for BOB. This time a sheltie outside the ring was giving what for to someone, so Russ had to chime in. The video is priceless-I'll try to add the link soon. And it didn't stop, he then gaited around the ring, the poodles in the next ring were running and well, he barked at Boo's butt by accident-sorry Boo! Attention span of a nat and so full of it--he took Breed! Yes Mr Underconfident, now Mr Attitude took BOB. Not sure who was crying more, Kim or I. Everyone was clapping and hugging. Kim asked that I not let this happen every weekend we show. There is some point to that , no one will want to come out and play if we don't share. Also I don't think either ofus could handle that kind of excitement each time I walk in the ring.

What a way to start off a show career, considering he's just a pet ;0) That's the running joke, but truth. First and foremost Russ is a pet and that's how all show dogs should be. Second he's a therapy dog in training, last he's a show dog. It's great to see that he has blossomed under Kim's care. Now I need to know where the volume button is-Mr Attitude is also Mr Intense.

You can see more Russ stories on his own blog called cardigan capers. Believe me when I say that you will keep coming back for more.

Later gators-----

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Kim Gibson said...

Yes, Russ has attitude plus! Thanks Cindy for all your help and support raising the little bugger. Kim