Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Go figure, just about the time Cora and Eddie's brood is due to come into the world, a week of wet and today, severe weather. 

This just means that the puppy girls, Chalice and Penny, must burn off excess energy by annoying the big dogs in the house.  Connor loves it, so does Cy.  Frankie, not so much, he doesn't do puppies, says it's in his contract.  Pete just wants them to get bigger so that she has a wrestling partner. 

Currently the babies are actually spending quality time investigating Charlie's many voices.  He's a great sitter out in the back yard and loves to frap as well as teaching them the ins and outs of barking at ducks.

But today-not going to happen.  At least not with the current forecast.  What's more fun then cooped up puppies!

later gators...

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